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In December of 1995, a young Bible college student at Victory Baptist Church in North Augusta, SC became burdened for the homeless population in their neighboring city, Augusta, GA. Travis Sharpe, then a freshman, began to pass out tracts and preach on the streets to those who would listen. By late January 1996, another church member Hank Miskelly, joined Br. Travis and they began what became known as the “City Bus Route.” On Sunday mornings, they would pick up many of the men on the streets and take them to services at Victory Baptist Church.

This new ministry was received well and began to grow at a rapid pace. Many other outreach activities were added, such as clothing distribution, summer sports program, and special help for those who showed an interest in changing their lives.


By September 1998, Travis and his wife, April, began a special program called “A Weekend of Hope.” In this program, they took men off the streets for the weekend giving them a safe, warm place of shelter. This only lasted a few months, but it was out of those experiences that the Garden City Rescue Mission was birthed.


On April 4 2001, that dream became a reality when the Garden City Rescue Mission and Life Development Center was opened by Br. Travis as a ministry of Victory Baptist Church. Today, many people find hope and a new life in Christ at the mission.

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